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Flute Choir Collection


John Schuberg



 Flute Choir Catalog   This is a wonderful collection of ten works for Flute Quartet or Flute Choir.  Edited by the University of Montana Flute Choir.  Works by Pachelbel, Handel, Bach, Mozart, Bizet, and Tschaikowsky are masterfully arranged to sound rich and full. These pieces are accessible to both high school and collegiate ensembles.

Parts available for:  1st  Flute, 2nd Flute, 3rd Flute, 4th Flute & Full Score.

Optional parts for Alto and Bass Flutes are also available.


Product   Price
1st Flute Book   $10.95
2nd Flute Book   $10.95
3rd Flute Book   $10.95
4th Flute Book   $10.95
Full Score for Flute Choir Collection   $10.95
Optional Alto Flute Book   $10.95
Optional Bass Flute Book   $10.95



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