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Part Book 2

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Percussion Ensembles & Drum Cadences!

Composed and/or Arranged by John Schuberg

9 Percussion Ensembles & 7 Drum Cadences are included in this wonderful collection for developing percussion sections. A variety of styles are presented for different skill levels such as: swing, march, latin, rock. A full set consists of a  Score Book and 6 Part Books.




Buffalo Dance - Elementary

Regimental March - Elementary

Movin’ Out (Rock) - Intermediate

Frere’ Jaques (Swing) - Intermediate

Santa is Coming To Town - Elementary

Frosty the Snowman - Intermediate

Banana Boat Express - Advanced

The Tarantula - Advanced

Lion Sleeps Tonight - Advanced

“Toothless Grin” -  Cadence

“Crabcakes” -  Cadence

“Street” -  Cadence

“Numba” -  Cadence

“Roids” -  Cadence

“Skookim Creek” -  Cadence

“Mustard Pants” -  Cadence

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