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44 Canons & Rounds > 44 Canons & Rounds for Flute Book
44 Canons & Rounds for Flute Book

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Canons & Rounds

for Flute


Compiled & Arranged by:

John Schuberg

Canons (mostly instrumental) and Rounds (mostly vocal) can be traced as far back as the 11th & 12th century. Their reappearance in the folk and classical idioms throughout history suggest an undying vitality as a musical form.

This collection of 3 and 4 part Cannons & Rounds is specifically designed for the young instrumentalist (Grades 6-9). They have proven to be invaluable for reading independent parts as well as ear training at the individual, sectional, and full ensemble level.

Lyrics for the Rounds have also been provided for singing.

All instrument books are in alike concert keys for full band use.



Fre’re Jacques Row, Row, Row Listen to the Sound
Day is Done Sing Together The Three of Us
Merrily, Merrily Three Blind Mice The Bell Doth Toll
Anonymous Canon Let Us Sing Coffee Round
Birthday Round Malt’s Come Down German Canon
My Dame Hath a Tame Crane Woods are Waking Let Us Rejoice
Hey Ho, Nobody’s Home The Herdsman Mozart Canon
Great Tom is Cast Shalom Chaverin Arnold Canon
English Canon Kookaburra                  Schubert Canon
Bach Canon    The Other World The Greenwood Tree
Schumann Canon The Huntsman September
Church Bells in Oxford Haydn Canon Beethoven Canon
Celebrons Sancesse Palistrina Canon French Canon
Dona Nobis Pachem Salieri Canon Purcell Canon
O Du Eselhafter Jacob Billings Canon  

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