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Tenor Saxophone Book

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  Works by Pachelbel, Handel, Bach, Mozart, Bizet, and Tschaikowsky are masterfully arranged to sound rich and full in this Saxophone Quartet album. These pieces are accessible to both high school and colleagiate ensembles.




The Masterpiece
Jean-Joseph Mouret
Marche Militaire
Franz Schubert
Russian Dance (Trepak)
Peter Tschaikowsky
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik     
W.A. Mozart
Le Basque
Marin Marais
The Entertainer
Scott Joplin
Johann Pachelbel
Overture to the Messiah
G.F. Handel
Brandenburg Concerto No. 2
J.S. Bach
L'Arlesienne Suite (Farandole)
George Bizet


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