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Mallet Percussion Solo Collection

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   This collection of Mallet Percussion solos is designed for young instrumentalists of all levels of development. The simple accompaniment parts and alike concert keys make them ideal for band directors and/or larger group situations. The wide variety of styles and skill levels are especially attractive to more individualized or private instruction.


Scotch Dance Beethoven
Marches of America Traditional
Norwegian Song Grieg
J.S. Bach
Slippery Sam Schuberg
Trumpet Voluntary Clarke
Sailor's Hornpipe Sea Chanty
Irish Washerwoman Irish Jig
Hunter's Chorus Von Weber
American Patrol Meacham
Rule Britannia Arne
Allegro Con Brio
Sonata No. 8 Handel
Theme & Variations Haydn
Allegro Spiritoso Senaille
Sonata No. 12 Handel
Marche Militaire
Allegro Fiocco


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